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El Ezz Group is located in Alexandria – Egypt. It is an applicator of specialty coatings and value-added services for using customers primarily in automotive, decorative, wooden, and industrial coatings. We have been serving our customers for several years. Our quality system is ISO 9001.

Our core strengths include our ability to apply precise formulations needed for our coating products, as well as our ability to assist our customers in solving their problems through the knowledge and insight we have accumulated over many years of coating experience.

We are specialized in producing wood care products, industrial and automotive coatings with experience of at least ten years in the field.

El Ezz Group

Our Vision

Covering our customers' need with the highest quality and the most competitive price meeting their demands in the present and future times.
El Ezz Group

Our Mission

1. improve all company’s operations regarding positive cooperation with our customers & suppliers.
2. Improve our human resources to help the company, working hard on introducing our employees to the updated methodologies that in return will contribute to the company's progress and development.

El Ezz Group, are one of the specialized leading companies in coatings production and row chemical materials for industrial productions such as automotive coatings, and industrial coatings besides special decorative coatings.

El Ezz Group is proud to present a variety of products that cover all the customer needs starting with automotive, decorative coatings, wood care products besides other industrial coatings.

El Ezz Group, are to total quality standards in managing its factories at Borg El Arab City in Alexandria, Egypt which guides us to reach an equation of presenting the highest quality product through reasonable prices considering the achievement of ISO 9001 Certificate. 

El Ezz Group, are a pleasure to own a wide network of cities that can supply the customer with all his needs no matter where he is. we will be grateful if you can foreword any suggestion or opinion as it will surely contribute to our development cycle.