Chemical Trading

El Ezz Group specializes in the distribution of liquid and solid chemicals to industries that use these chemicals as raw materials in their production. The company has specialized warehouses which are launched to serve its customers quickly and efficiently. The list of industries / sectors to be served includes petrochemical Factories, paints.

El Ezz Group has concluded exclusive distribution agreements with multinational companies in these sectors such as PATCHAM, TRiSON, Dow, CHEMPOINT, RIKA, HENAN BILLIONS, AGAKiM, Perstorp, Delta Driers, EGE KiMYA Driers, Chemours & Ti-Pure, Negmt Zaghloul Paints, United Group for Oils and Coatings, Coatex & CAPITAL International Group Coatings, Techno Pack for packaging materials and the market is still open to all contracts and successful agreements in this field.

The company plays a key role in providing assistance to many of its customers to successfully compete in distant and highly competitive markets by providing affordable logistics and commercial services to their raw material needs.